Everything is so infinitely simple and so infinitely beautiful - Hundertwasser

Words are the most powerful tools we have. They can be wielded like weapons as readily as they can heal and bring happiness. They are the keys to knowledge. As a freelance journalist it is my job to know this.

Whether you need something to make your readers smile or something to make them think, I bring a diverse range of skills and experience to every commission. From general human interest, specialist industry magazines to in-depth photojournalism I have a proven record of turning out professional, engaging and highly researched copy on a broad variety of topics.

My skills and experience include:

  • Short and feature writing for magazines internationally
  • Writing for specialist industry publications
  • Freelance editing and copyediting 
  • Photography
  • Blog and website copy production
To see my publication portfolio, proceed here | If you have any enquiries feel free to contact me.